Pet Toys

Barks & Squeaks has a range of beautifully designed pet toys online to keep your cats and dogs busy and happy.

We all know that cats are sophisticated and cultured which is why we have a selection of cat artist catnip toys.

We cater for a range of artistic tastes: Frida Catlo’s Parrot, Henri Catisse’s Bird, Kitty Warhol’s Soup, Pablo Picatso’s Bird and Salvador Catli’s Lobster

Which will your kitty choose?  Or will you acquire the complete collection?

Dogs know they have the intellect to match cats but also have an eye for design and an irresistible urge to run and chase!

If you like beautiful things, try the Mutts & Hounds squeaky bone toys available in a selection of gorgeous prints.  We also have other home and pet accessories in matching fabrics.

Aniseed is the ‘catnip’ for dogs, so your dog will love our aniseed stuffed bone toys from The Natural Pet Toy Company.

For the more energetic dog, we have Bowl & Bone robust rope ball toys in four bright colour options – perfect for throwing and fetching.

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