Pet Health

Pet health is important to us so Barks & Squeaks is delighted to offer Woof & Brew’s Health Tonics and Windy Hound range of products.

If you have a ‘windy hound’ you should try WOOF & BREW’S Windy Hound supplement- DEVELOPED WITH EXPERTS. PROVEN RESULTS!

You can’t blame it on the dog anymore when using Woof & Brew’s Windy Hound! This specialised, herbal blend helps promote a healthy, calm digestive tract & helps to break up & disperse gas.

Or if your dog has other issues perhaps try the tonic range.  Woof & Brew Health Tonic range is so good and they are so confident that they work that they are offering a 100% money back guarantee! ( visit  We have tonics for:

  • Skin and Coat
  • Anxiety
  • Senior Dogs
  • Fresh Breath

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