Handmade By You

I hand make many of my Barks & Squeaks Original Design products which is what has inspired me to launch the Handmade By You range.

Hand making your own gifts is fun and satisfying.  And gifts you have made yourself are all the more special because of the time, thought and love that go into them.  You can present your gift, telling the recipient that it is Handmade For You With Love.

Handmade For You With Love

I have created detailed step-by-step instructions for your to follow along with kits that contain most of the bits and pieces you need to hand make your own gifts.  I have a wide choice of fabrics for you to choose from, including my own-design fabric.  You can opt just to purchase the instructions and templates.  Or you can buy the full craft kit which includes the instructions.  Coming soon: whether you have the full kit or just the instructions, if you wish to make more, you can purchase just the fabric.

If you want to know more about the kits before you buy, or if you want some tutorials in basic sewing stitches, read my blog post about making your own dog bow tie.

I would love to see your creations so please share them!  If you share on Instagram, tag me @barksandsqueaks or share to my Facebook Page.

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