Barks & Squeaks Original Design Bandanas

These Barks & Squeaks Original Design Bandanas will have your gorgeous dog or cat looking stylish and sophisticated.

The tie up bandanas are available in a range of reversible designs these striking bandanas will turn heads while you are out and about with your pooch.  The tiny size is also suitable for style-conscious kitties.  They are triangular, made from a square of material folded and stitched so you have double fabric thickness.  They can be rolled over to adjust the fitting and they are all reversible, so you get two style options in one bandana!

The slip on bandanas are available in 3 sizes and feature my own designs.  They match my collars and leads and will fit over most standard collars.

The infinity twists are a much looser design for dogs who want a slightly different stylish accessory.  They are all one-size and just slip over the head.

All Barks & Squeaks Original Design bandanas can be useful for nervous dogs – You can spray Pet Remedy on the bandana and they will carry the calming scent around with them all day.

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