My dogs have had microchips for years.  And if you are in the UK, your dogs are probably chipped too (well, they should be).  On 6th April 2016 new laws for mandatory microchipping came into force.  Microchips don’t track your dog’s movements, but they do store your contact information so if your dog is found, it will be easy to identify you and contact you.  My dog is chipped so why do I need a collar tag?

Spaniel Collar Tag

My dog is chipped so why do I need a collar tag?

There are three very good reasons your dog should wear an ID tag:

1. Its A Legal Requirement

Border Terrier Tag

The Control of Dogs Act 1992 states that dogs must wear a collar with the name and address of the owner inscribed on it or onto a plate or badge attached to it.  This applies when your dog is out in public, even if it is on a lead.  There are a few very specific exemptions for working dogs.  These are detailed in the legislation.  However, the law applies to the vast majority of dogs in the UK.  Failure to comply can result in prosecution and a £5,000 fine.  Pretty scary stuff.  

2. It’s Low-Tech And Everyone Can Read It

Oh Bugger I'm Lost Dog Tag

A few years ago we had a little rescue dog called Baxter.  He LOVED going for a walk.  He was microchipped and he wore an ID tag on his collar.  One day when I was at work, he saw an open door and decided to take himself for a walk.  He got most of the way to the park but took a wrong turn and ended up in someone’s garden.  They had a look at his tag and called us.  My husband was able to run around the corner to get him and bring him home.


The whole incident was over in less than 10 minutes.  Most people can read a collar tag, but only people with microchip scanners can read microchips.  If your dog is wearing an ID tag and gets lost, you are likely to be reunited much quicker than if he or she is just microchipped.  I’m sure we would have been reunited with Baxter if he wasn’t wearing a tag but it would have taken much longer.  The lovely lady who found him would have had to take him to a vet or rescue centre to have him scanned.  That would be inconvenient for her and very scary for Baxter.

3. They Look Fabulous!

Gone are the days of boring, plain metal discs being your only option.  Now there is a huge variety of sizes, shapes, colours and designs.  Collar tags are an accessory and an opportunity to make your dog look super-cool.

In fact, there is so much choice, your dog may end up wearing more than one tag. 

Barks & Squeaks Original Design Collar Tags

Barks & Squeaks has a growing range of collar tags including our own Original Design range.  These fun and colourful tags are made from aluminium and each one features one of our dog or cat breed designs.

They are 1mm thick and are blank on the reverse so you can have your details engraved. The tags are light so so won’t weigh your dog or cats’ collar down.

We have 19 breed designs available now with more on the way.  And even better – we have a whole range of matching accessories and homeware for people and pets so you can start a co-ordinated collection.  Check out our Original Designs section on our website to see what gorgeous goodies we have on offer.

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