Barks & Squeaks has taken the exciting step of working with Dog Instagram Influencers.  If you are not sure what they are, have a read of our last blog post:  Internet Stars and Dog and Cat Brand Ambassadors.  Dog Instagram Influencers act as ambassadors for particular brands.  We held a competition to find our own brand ambassadors and we selected two winners,  Last week we interviewed one half of our new brand ambassador team – The wonderful Twix, KitKat and Crunch.  This week we have interviewed the other half of our dog instagram influencers team – The incredibly handsome Ghost.

What will they be doing as Brand Ambassadors?

Ghost and Twix, KitKat & Crunch will be showcasing some of our lovely Original Design products.  They will model them for us and show how great they look.  They also have their own Barks & Squeaks discount codes which they can share with their followers.  In the last blog post, we showed you the range of bandanas that they are modelling for us.  Today, we can reveal the other accessory that you will see them wearing:  our beautiful caps!  The caps come in 3 sizes and the designs match the bandanas.  You can shop for the full range in our online store.  Here is a sneak preview:

Original Design Caps

Who better to ask about what it takes to become internet stars and dog and cat brand ambassadors than our lovely winners?

In our last blog post, we spoke to Rebecca, the hooman behind Twix, KitKat and Crunch.  This week, we have interviewed Ghost’s hooman, the lovely Hannah. 


Hannah & Ghost
Hannah & Ghost

Hannah is Ghosts hooman mum, and she has told us all about Ghost and about being an brand ambassador and Dog Instagram Influencer.

Who Is Ghost?

Ghost The Pup
Ghost The Pup

Ghost is a Pedigree Siberian Husky and is nearly 15 months old. We have had him since he was 8 weeks old and we picked him up on the 28th May 2017. I’ve wanted a husky every since I watched the film Iron Will at 5 years old. My love for the breed never went away, it was only at the age of 26 after being diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome that I was allowed to get one! He is mine and my partners only pet, but we have both grown up with dogs and cats all our lives. He is the most soppy dog I have ever met, he is sweet and caring and ridiculously funny! He is that soft he won’t play tug of war and he won’t tough play at all! 

Ghost has spent his first year of life being really poorly, constantly back and forth to the vets. Turns out he has bowl disease. But he’s a lot better now and we are managing it with diet really well. That was a scary time and I genuinely thought that we were going to lose him. So he means so much more to us now because he is our little superstar. So I like everyone on his Instagram to see how special he is as a survivor. 

What do you and Ghost like to do together?

Ghost Out Walking
Ghost Out Walking

We go out on several walks a day to many different places. He goes to see friends several times a week and he loves to play with them. He also like emptying his toy box all over the floor and then he will bring me different toys to throw for him, he will do this all day and will offer out his toys on whatever I’m holding at the time!

Why did you decide to set up an Instagram account for Ghost?

Ghost Snoozing
Ghost Snoozing

I initially set up his account for a bit of fun, nothing really came from it so I stopped for a few months. I then decided to update it one day and from that moment it blew up! People just kept following and liking his posts and engaging with me. Because of the chronic fatigue syndrome I don’t go out to meet people often or talk to many people, I found the interaction from his Instagram quite nice. I also  liked that some of Ghost’s posts brightened peoples days and I found that rewarding, so I’ve stuck with it.

How have you grown your following?

I have grown his following by engaging with his audience, following the right accounts and posting the right content.

How do you decide what photos to post?

Ghost on the beach
Ghost on the beach

I will do generic posts for birthdays, Halloween, Christmas and as many international holidays as I can. For example the 4th July is coming up, so Ghost has his American bandana all ready for that! I also try to do themed days, such as: Tongue out Tuesday and Throwback Thursday. I have also started something called #askghost which is where his followers can ask him a question about him or huskies, then I will answer their question on a post dedicated to that question. I’ve only done three of those so far, it hasn’t taken off very well. But I remain optimistic. Then the rest of the week is just random photos that I get of him where ever we are at the time. I will only use the photos that have the best quality.

What camera do you use to take your photos?

Ghost Out On a Walk
Ghost Out On a Walk

I currently use the camera on my new iPhone and I always use the portrait mode. It’s hard to believe, but it takes a better quality then my DSLR! But my DSLR is really old now. I’m quite particular about my photos as I’m a fully qualified photographer and have a degree in photography. 

What makes you decide to follow another account?

I like accounts that engage with their audience, and I like accounts that look like a lot of time and effort goes in to it.

Who are your Instagram role-models?

Gone To The Snow Dogs
Gone To The Snow Dogs

My biggest Instagram influence has to be Gone To The Snow Dogs. I first found them on YouTube when I watched one of their videos about crate training and fell in love with their channel and then the Instagram. I now regularly watch their YouTube channel and ever Ghost likes to sit and watch his favourite YouTube huskies!

How much time do you spend each day on Instagram and managing Ghost’s account?

I spend most of the day using Instagram as it’s quite the full time job to manage a successful Instagram account. But I also manage an Instagram account for a local vape shop because they were struggling to gain followers. I’ve been managing their account for a week now and have gained them 1000 new followers in that time. So I spread my time evenly across the two accounts, well three if you include my personal account too. Having the chronic fatigue syndrome means that I spend most of my time unable to work and unable to do much, so it means I can easily dedicate time to all the accounts.

Why did you decide to become an Instagram Influencer / Brand Ambassador?

Ghost & Friends
Ghost & Friends

I like to be able to help others where I can. But we have started to just go with what ever comes out way when it comes to Ghost modeling and promoting other people. I’m hoping that one day he will become quite big and maybe one day we will make some money doing it. That would just be a nice bonus but I just enjoy doing it.

What experience have you had to date at being an Influencer/Brand Ambassador?

This will actually be my first time on Ghosts account, but I have the experience in promoting products from running the other account. So I will apply what I’ve learned from that.

What advice would you give to others who are thinking about trying to become influencers/brand ambassadors?

Ghostly Potter

All I would say, is before anyone begins an Instagram journey and commits to being a brand ambassador/influencer, they need to understand how much time it needs to make it successful. A successful account needs two to three posts a day and they need to constantly engage with the audience you are targeting. But most importantly, have fun with it.  I mean I dress Ghost up for his followers to be entertained. Poor boy!

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us and telling us a bit more about the fabulous Ghost.  If you want to know more about our other brand ambassadors, Twix, KitKat & Crunch, check out our last blog post for their interview.

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