This week we met with one lady and her dog to discover the new online community dedicated to pets and pet lovers – MyPawPals.  We sat down with Elizabeth Scott, the founder of MyPawPals, to find out about her, her PawPal Olive the Jack Russell and of course, MyPawPals.  Here is what we found out…

discover the new online community dedicated to pets
Liz and Olive

Tell us about your PawPal family

discover the new online community dedicated to pets
Olive The Jack Russell

I have a little Jack Russell called Olive (@olivedog1). We’ve had her since she was 10 weeks old and she’s the one who has inspired me to start MyPawPals. I think my friends and family were fed up with me talking about her constantly as if she were a child!

Olive has one hell of a personality – She’s basically human (I’m sure we all think this about our PawPals, but she is). She’s funny, feisty and full of beans. She absolutely loves being the centre of attention and loves to make PawPals. You can usually find her completing her daily squirrel patrol, under somebodies blanket or flirting with any human or dog she comes across. She’s a real floozy!

If you were a PawPal, what type would you be and why?

Oh, that’s a tricky one! Definitely, a dog but which one…!

I’d have to say a Jack Russell (they say their dogs are like their owners!) but I’d like to think I’m full of energy and personality but also have that feisty streak and I like to get my own way, much like little Olive!

Although, maybe a greyhound, as I am tall, lanky, full of beans for short spurts of time and then like to nap quite a lot!

What tip would you have for aspiring PawPal owners?

I think the best tip would be to do your research…Getting a PawPal may seem like an easy decision, but choosing a pet that fits into your life is absolutely essential. If you’re not an active person and aren’t home much then a cat is probably better suited to your life style… However, if you love being outdoors and walking then a lively little terrier or staffie might be a good choice (probably not a little daschund!)! Read our blog ‘Are you ready for commitment?’ for some more tips on knowing if you’re ready for the big commitment.

Let’s just say, a pet can often be harder work than a human relationship! 🙂

What is MyPawPals all about and what is the vision you want to achieve?

discover the new online community dedicated to pets
Olive The Jack Russell

MyPawPals started after a weekend away with friends and pups. Olive and her pup didn’t see eye to eye, let’s say, so as we were leaving I said maybe they should be facebook friends rather than real friends… The more I thought about it, the more I thought there is no one place or community where pet owners and lovers can go to get advice, recommendations, events and reviews for pet products, places etc.
My aim is to create a community where pet owners and lovers can connect with PawPals from all over the world and get the information they need from a trusted and connected source!

We’re still in the early stages, but we’ve already got a small, loyal and fantastic community behind us and looking forward to the future!

If someone wants to get involved, how can they?

Being a newbie, we would love to hear from pet owners, lovers and independent companies to collaborate on different projects to help out our community and grow the community.

I’d also love to hear suggestions and tips on what pet owners would like to see from such a platform!

Oh, and tag #MyPawPals to be featured on our community!

Get involved on social… We’d love to hear from you!

Facebook: @MyPawPals1
Instagram: @My_PawPals and @olivedog_1
Twitter: @MyPawPals

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