Meet The Team

I’m Joanna and I run Barks & Squeaks along with my furry team of Directors (who also double up as models!)

Me & Leo (no longer with us)
Nell in purple MAS
Violet in pink zebra
Henry AKA Henners

Why I Set Up Barks & Squeaks

 The simple answer is – I love animals – especially dogs and cats and I became disillusioned with the corporate world. I started Barks & Squeaks, a boutique for pets and pet lovers, from home in Berkshire at the end of 2017.  My goal was to work on something that I really cared about and was interested in.  I also wanted to indulge my creative side, so I started to design my own fabrics and to make my collars, leads, bandanas and bow ties by hand.  One of my hobbies is playing around with my camera so photographing the dogs in my creations is also great fun!

My own range is supplemented by some carefully selected gifts, treats and accessories from high-quality, reputable brands.  I have created a store for dog and cat people to buy gorgeous gifts for themselves, their pets or where other people can find gifts for them.  There are some quite unique items, and I can help you create a unique gift. 

Supporting Charity

Having lost my beloved schnauzer, Gwilym, in 2017, a chance meeting with a schnauzer and workers from The Diana Brimblecombe Animal Rescue Centre in Hurst at my local vet led to me adopting an ex-puppy farm breeding schnauzer.  One thing led to another, and within a few months I had adopted 4 rescue schnauzers to join my Border Terrier, Leo (who sadly we lost in January 2019) and lovely old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Henry.

Ex-puppy farm breeding dogs arrive at DBARC with a wide range of medical conditions that require treatment before they can be re-homed.  As well as neutering and dental treatment, the schnauzers often have cataracts and other conditions that are expensive to treat.    

When I adopted my schnauzers I became involved with a group called Mad About Schnauzers. It is a fun and social Facebook group of over 7,000 schnauzer lovers.  They also have a fundraising arm which raises money for rescue schnauzers at DBARC. I wanted to do something to support the fundraising to help to ensure more schnauzers can be rescued and treated by DBARC.  Two founder members of the group asked me if I would make a special Mad About Schnauzers range of accessories and sell them via Barks & Squeaks with a proportion of the sales to be donated to the fund.  I jumped at the chance – It fitted perfectly with my business as I already made and sold collars and bandanas, and was a great way to support a cause close to my heart.  And so the MAS range was born.

The range now includes collars, leads, bandanas, collar tags, wash bags, key fobs and tote bags in a rainbow of colours, and all featuring schnauzers of course! 15% of the sale of MAS accessories is donated to the Mad About Schnauzer Fund with The Diana Brimblecombe Animal Rescue Centre as the beneficiary.